Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things I Need to Know...

For those of you who inquired about my cookie-making:

Yeah, they tasted as good as they look. I use sweets to buy people's friendship.

Ok, so since I missed the game last night, I can’t offer a recap. Naturally, the first game I’ve missed all season turned out to be the first one the Wings appear to have shown up to play. I somehow ended up spending a solid hour talking hockey at the Halloween party I was at. I kept checking on the score by texting Google throughout the night, and sometime around 12:30 AM we saw that the score was 2-1 with the game still in progress. Three or four of us spent the next several minutes huddled around my phone repeatedly texting Google (and accidentally Twitter) waiting for a confirmation of the final score. This is why the thought of leaving the state of Michigan breaks my heart. Seriously, do people do things like that in Atlanta? Tampa Bay? Phoenix? I think not.

In other news, my spy costume was mistaken for a detective, a flasher, a gangster, a ninja, and an off-duty stripper. I was a little disappointed that nobody guessed that I was a spy until I realized that that was the whole point of being a spy. It’s possible that I’m the worst costume maker ever, but I like to think that it’s because I’m just the best darn spy around.

Anyway, back to hockey. I watched the highlight reel on, but I’ve got some questions that I’d like answered.

1. How did the third line look? Were they as good on the forecheck as I imagined when I saw their names put together?
2. The recaps I’ve read so far have told me that the Wings finally looked like themselves. Is this true?
3. Did Brad Stuart really play as well as folks are saying he did? Is that like a Halloween miracle or something?
4. How disturbing was seeing Brad May take that stick to the eye? Not only did he look like he was in pain, he looked terrified too. Okay, I guess this is more of a rhetorical question.
5. I’ve also been told that Ozzie played well. True or false? Did he make some big saves or did the Wings limit the Flames chances pretty well?


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