Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two Old Favorites...

Two of my favorite players made the hockey headlines today, but for different reasons. I was quite glad to see that Brendan Shanahan has signed a one-year deal with New Jersey. I’m no Devils fan, but I wasn’t ready to see Shanny hang up the skates just yet. It’s comforting to know that my “alter-ego” from my high school days is still out there suiting up. Plus, as far as I’m concerned, that iconic “Statue of Liberty” goal should have earned him employment in the NHL for as long as he wants.

Going in the opposite direction was Jeremy Roenick, who’s expected to announce his retirement tomorrow. I’ve always had a soft spot for JR, even though he was never a Wing. I love the fact that he would say outrageous things that were a total departure from the traditional NHL players’ sometimes Nyquil-like comments. (Don’t get me wrong...I would hate a league full of Roenicks. But I think that one or two guys like him are exactly what the league needs.) Plus, I firmly believe that more professional athletes need to sing and dance while in uniform. At any rate, I’m definitely sad to see him go. He’s one of the rare players out there who I actually like despite never having donned the Winged Wheel. And that says more than any contrived career eulogy ever could. Now, let the bidding war for his TV commentator deal begin...


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